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Premium Support

Our Premium Support options augment your current maintenance plan to help you get the most from your IT investment. These á-la-carte services will help lighten your IT staff's workload, allowing it to focus on what's important to you—growing your business. And since every organization has different needs, you can tailor our service to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Choose one or more of our Premium Support offerings to help you lower costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk:

Premium Support Engineer

A Premium Support Engineer solves problems and helps you proactively maintain your business systems. The skills and resources to support these complex systems are hard to find, especially if you've tailored your solutions to specifically fit your business. We have the answer. With a Premium Support Engineer, you have direct access to an engineer who is a single point of contact and highly experienced expert who will:

  • Understand your technical environment and get to know your in-house team by working closely with them
  • Be proactive to help you get more from your investment
  • Help your team address changing needs and avoid technical problems
  • Respond quickly to design appropriate solutions to fix even the toughest issues
  • Help you avoid downtime, minimizing costs and business disruption

Choose the level of support you need

Assigned Support Engineer

An Assigned Support Engineer (ASE) provides the first level of personalized support, managing issues from recognition to resolution. Assigned Support Engineers are available over the phone during business hours.

Primary Support Engineer

A Primary Support Engineer (PSE) solves problems and provides proactive maintenance on your business systems. Because they are assigned to only a few accounts, these engineers can give you more of their time and develop a more personalized technical support relationship with your business. A Primary Support Engineer will visit you on-site periodically during the year and, with the appropriate maintenance plan, are available 24x7 by phone for emergency situations. Our PSEs are located in major cities and near our field offices, allowing them to have a closer relationship with their customers while maintaining a tight link to our support infrastructure.

Dedicated Support Engineer

A Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) serves and supports your business as the primary focus of their activities. They solve problems, perform proactive maintenance, work closely with our resources to resolve issues and work onsite at your business. There is no stronger support relationship available than that of the DSE.

Dedication Level Assigned Contact (Up to 30 Incidents) Semi-dedicated Contact Fully Dedicated Contact
Onsite Optional Up to four days per year Up to four days per week
Response 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes
Hours of Access 12x5* 24x7 24x7
Service Account Manager Included Included Included
Health Check Optional 1 2
Service Summary Reports N/A Quarterly Quarterly

*Hours of access are determined by the customer's level of maintenance. Although ASEs are only available 12x5, if their customer has a 24x7 maintenance plan, the customer may contact the Support Center 24x7 to work an issue with another engineer, and then escalate that issue to the ASE during business hours.

Service Account Manager

Personalized account management has proven to be tremendously valuable to our customers. Your Service Account Manager (SAM) develops a close working relationship with your business to gain an in-depth knowledge of your technical support needs. A Service Account Manager acts as your advocate, coordinates the efforts of support personnel on behalf of your business and will facilitate the shortest possible resolution times for your critical issues.

Whenever you feel the need to escalate an issue, your SAM is your point of contact and will ensure your concern is quickly resolved to your satisfaction—while keeping the wheels of progress moving so you can get your systems back on track and your end users back to work as quickly as possible.

Not only will your SAM react quickly in times of need, he or she can also proactively assist you as you plan for future technology projects, identify training needs and more. Your SAM will host regularly scheduled meetings or conference calls to review your support history. During these service reviews, you'll be able to discuss support challenges, which your SAM will then help resolve. Based on your history and feedback, your SAM will make observations or recommendations for training opportunities, process improvements, health checks, on-site visits and other activities that will improve your business.

Advantage Incident Packs

For serious or complicated issues, you may need a higher level of service from a senior support engineer. Advantage Incident Packs allow you to get fast access to an expert for a specific number of your most critical issues. A senior support engineer will respond to your support issue in an hour or less during local business hours. You choose when to use your normal support channels and when to use your Advantage Incidents, ensuring that extra assurance is ready when your business needs it.

All packages expire after 12 months