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Consultant on Demand

When timing and convenience matter, our Consultant on Demand program provides the services you need exactly when you need it. We provide you with remote access to a dedicated consultant who combines expertise in Attachmate solutions with specific knowledge of your business.

Quick access to dedicated, expert support

Consultant on Demand provides consulting services by phone, email, or over the web to operationally review, update and improve your Attachmate infrastructure, at a rate 20 percent lower than our standard consulting rate. Below are a few areas where our Consultant on Demand program can bring value to your project or business:

  • Product implementation—Let us help you plan, install, and configure the latest Attachmate software releases. Whether you are starting from scratch or migrating to a new operating system or a new product version, Attachmate can expedite the process and get you up and running quickly.
  • Custom software development—Extend your legacy data and logic either as an application or as a data source. Attachmate can help you craft solutions that give your business a competitive advantage.
  • Automation—Our specialists can assist with creating macros for recurring processes, convert and fine-tune existing macros, and help you learn how to use APIs more efficiently. These changes will boost your productivity, and save you time and money.
  • Enterprise security, privacy, and compliance—Modify reports and rules-based analytics to keep current with changing business requirements.
  • Host integration—Leverage your host systems to extend legacy functionality to new users and applications—no code changes required.
  • Remote training/knowledge transfer—Get the most out of your Attachmate software investment with in-depth training and mentoring sessions.

Benefits of On-Demand Consulting

Our on-demand consultants function as trusted advisors who know legacy systems, know your business, and understand how to help you get the most out of your Attachmate investment. As an extension of your team, we deliver:

  • Direct routing and fast responses; first answer to requests within four business hours.
  • The most knowledgeable experts in the industry, available to help solve complex problems on your schedule.
  • The same specialized diagnostic and auditing tools offered by our on-site consultants, with more convenience and for less cost.

Why Attachmate Consulting?

No one knows enterprise host access as well as Attachmate consultants. As an extension of your team, our consultants help you realize the full potential of your software products, enabling faster return on investment, easier day-to-day maintenance, and reduced IT workload.

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